KLSE Volume Bullish Signal

KLSE volume moving average
Chart above : KLSE Volume Moving Average Crossover (click for a larger view)

The KLSE Volume moving average already crossed, signalling its a better enviroment for active trading. Why I am waiting for this simple signal? Please refer to my previous post at waiting for a better time signal for explanation. Refer to the chart above.

The crossed over is as at yesterday market close and as at today its's considered confirmed.

I believe so this is the beginning of Chinese New Year rally as expected. See my previous post at Bursa Malaysia : what happening & what I am expecting.

As at today there are many, many stocks giving bullish signal. You will spoilt for choices! Since the rally expected to last up to Chinese New Year holiday, start trading now. For 2006, Chinese New Year is the only bullish thing we can expect of Bursa Malaysia so far, other than that its still blur. (more on this on next posting).

Happy Trading!