Waiting For The Signal For A Better Time For Trading (Using KLCI Volulume Signal)

So, when will be the better time for trading? (using KLSE volume)

So, where's the sign? The volume speak for itself. The volume itself is a major part of technical reading. You just can't ignore volume.

For a more suitable environment for active short-term trading, I suggest rather wait for the volume's 21-D moving average (red) to at least hooked-up or better, to crossed over the 50-day moving average indicator (as like labeled X : see the chart below : recent the moving average interplay plotted to show how volume can give bullish signal for KLSE index)

I believe the volume's 21-day & 50-day moving average are good for checking "is-it-a-bullish-environment?" signal but not for bearish signal (way too late). For bearish signal, try looking for volume-based indicator's divergence. As an example, Money Flow Index also plotted on the chart: how the indicators' divergence can give in-advance bearish signal)

Below: KLSE Volume Chart (click the image for a larger view)