Bursa Malaysia : What's Happening and What I Am Expecting

What likely to happen this year's end?

Heard about year's end window dressing? Will there a year end rally for Bursa Malaysia?

With foreign fund exited and the ringgit de-peg speculation already over what can we expect this December? The best bet is what happening today! 
The next best is what has happened last year at this time.

With no fresh lead and dull market, what happened last year is what's been happening now (same like this year at this time, much of what provide the volume now are by major buyer : PNB, EPF etc). Last year, the buying selling by them start mid of November and ended mid of December (well, they need realized gain to pay dividend). By mid of December, the market was just dull and left only certain group of company for window dressing (be warned) . At the end, the index for 2004 closed at 907.43, disappointing many who's expecting some good window dressing (maybe because of media hoo-haa). You just can't call it ended at high note.

p:/s : Going to be a long, rainy Disember. Looking forward to January (if there is no 2005 year-end rally then I expect a 2006's Chinese New Year rally).