Malaysia Oil & Gas Sector Stocks

Most financial analyst still upbeat on oil & gas sector. Although crude oil price seem easing (even the Katrina hurricane did not effect much) we can expect more on 'oil' a least for another quarter. One or two stock in this sector could be some good candidates to include in medium to long term portfolio.

One way of selecting a stock within a sector is to go for the sector's leader in the early stage. Since the leader already at relatively 'high' or fundamentally not undervalued anymore, maybe now we should look at the laggards, with the expectation they could follow the leader sooner or later.

3 laggard counter in this sector that caught my interest is SCOMI (the most laggard) , SAPCRES & WASEONG. For many reasons, I chose to highlight SAPCRES in my next posting. By the way, NAIM INDAH, a timber concession holder & property developer also venturing into oil & gas (in today news).