Malaysia Budget 2006: Any Good Goodies?

There is not much hype on the coming 2006 Budget compared to previous years. The general expectation probabaly is low; this is good anyway, the budget could give positive suprise.

Anyway, the most confidence budget forecast came from my friendly grocery shop owner; "rokok nanti naik lagi RM2". No, not again. Not another "we-don't-know-from-whom-to-take-money-so-we-just-take-from-smoker-and-drinker-and-then-we-justified-to-the-people-that-we-actually-really-care-about-their-health".

Well, I believe so the budget team are well-paid,they would be able to come with a more creative & caring budget than that.

On the bursa scene, today the index jumped 2.58 with the gain on Telekom & Maybank. A good pre-budget sign? Speculate if you can but the majority rather wait and see.