FBM KLCI Cheat Sheet

FBM30 adapted as FBM KLCI replacing previous KLCI as the market benchmark.

FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI is made up of the 30 largest listed companies by market value, with at least a 15% free float and minimum 10% annual turnover of free-float shares.
Previous KLCI has 100 component stock while the new FBM KLCI only 30.
The components will be revised twice a year, June and December.*

Final list of 30 component stocks is at FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI
Top 5 sectors
KLCI                                           FBM KLCI
sector        weightage (%)       sector          weightage (%)  
Banking        25.2                    Banking          33.7         
Plantation     14.8                    Plantation        18.7
Transport      11.1                    Utilities            11.2
Utilities           9.5                    Gaming            9.9
Telco               8.1                    Telco                9.3

5 sector which have  a total over 82% of KLCI weightage: finance, plantations, power, telco and gaming

2 sector which have a total over 52% of KLCI weightage: bank & plantation

7 sectors NOT in FBM KLCI – building materials, construction, hotels, insurance, property, timber and technology. In another way to put it, these 7 sector has a total of  0%  of KLCI weightage.

Top 5 stocks
KLCI                                           FBM KLCI                                      
stock        weightage (%)     stock         weightage (%)  
Sime            7.2                    Commerce    10.2
Maybank     7.0                    Public Bank  10.0
Tenaga        5.6                    Sime              9.8
Commerce   5.5                    Mayban         9.7
IOI Corp      4.9                    Tenaga          7 .8

10 counters which have a total over 71% KLCI weightage: Commerce, Maybank, Public Bank, Sime, IOI, Genting, Resorts, Axiata,Tenaga  and MISC.

Power 5 counters which have a total over 50% KLCI weightage: Commerce, Public Bank, Sime, Maybank and Tenaga.

Highest free float factor : Commerce (100%) and Public Bank (100%)
Lowest free float factor : RHB (25%)
Highest weightage: Commerce (10.1%)
Lowest weightage:  MAS (0.5%)
Highest share price: BAT (RM44.50) close price on 3rd July 09
Lower share price: MMC (RM2.09) close price on 3rd July 09

BTW, Bursa Bhd which initiated the FTSE standard  itself  is NOT in the FBM KLCI list.

I think this post will need updates and I will if necessary.

* Start speculating prior to June and December which new counters will enter the list and which counters will be kicked-out. Buy those speculated new entry and hope index fund manager adjust their portfolio accordingly.  We can make it a semi-annual betting event, more fun than betting which candidate going to win the next pilihanraya kecil.