This Analysis is Based On Past Data...

Fundamental Analysis vs Technical Analysis. Yes, they are all using PAST data to predict the FUTURE.

Oh, just like the never ending war in the Middle-East, the war between technical analysis and fundamental/financial analysis  believers sill goes on until today. I just can't believe that, they should make love not war.

But I want to tell you one thing about these analysts. There all are using past data. Yes, they are all using PAST data to predict the FUTURE. Why they are using past data? It  is because there is no (such thing as) future data.

Okay, that last paragraph is a quite a meaningless, snappy and stupid. I thought I want to annoy those believers a bit.

Seriously, what I want to say is, you must take any analysis, be it based on technical, financial, event, fundamental or planetary movement, with a pinch of salt, no, make it with a mountain of salt. Hey, it could be your money involved here.

Rather than saying "This analysis is for educational purpose" , I though saying "This analysis is based upon past data, how on earth  I know the future?" is more more politically correct. :- P    

This is actually an intro for my coming remarks in this blog on financial analysis and technical analysis.