Ananda Krishnan Will Re-list Astro By End Of 2012?

Oh, another one: Bumi Armada. Take a company listed, de-listed and re-listed. Rinse and repeat. Shhh, be quiet. Capitalism is at work.

How many time he want to do that? Yes, I am talking about taking a company in, out and in again of Bursa Malaysia? Now, Astro is been taken private.   Another 'Maxis' in the making? Also, don't forget about Measat. Rumour is, he will do the same to Measat. That is why recently Measat hit 6-year high.

Well, you know how offering  IPO by getting listed in a stock exchange can make you multi-millionaire. Imagine you can repeat that again.

How a company can be listed, taken private and then re-listed so easily? In Maxis case, the re-listing is urged  by PM Najib himself, what can we say. That's likely encouraged Ananda Krisnan to do that thing again with Astro and Measat. Anyway, there was an issue when Maxis offering IPO: read Why so small, Maxis?

measatSince he's the 2nd richest man in Malaysia (according to Forbes 2009 Malaysia Richest List), taking a company private and listing it back in the future can inspire other individual major shareholders. Wait a minute, it already inspired. Check out how many listed company are going private or trying to this year.

Well, it took about 2 year and a half  for Maxis to be relisted. I guess Astro will be relisted by end of 2012. 

It took about 3 months for Astro to be taken private after Maxis get relisted. I guess  Measat will only be taken private by end of 2013's first quarter If you are holding Measat, maybe you shouldn't hold your breath (why don't you ask Measat employee?).  I expect to be surprised anyway.

Soon, I guess, the song "Oops!...I Did It Again"  by Britney Spear will be Ananda's on favourite list..

Shhh, be quiet. Capitalism is at work.

Added March 30, 2010:
  Oh, another one: Bumi Armada. Take a company listed, de-listed and re-listed. Rinse and repeat.
News: Ananda Krishnan's Bumi Armada to be relisted?

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