KLCI In Further Narrow Range Bound

Bursa Malaysia will stay in  narrow range bound again? No fresh lead?
Couldn't disagree with that.
Isn't 'no fresh lead' is 'bad news'?

Some points already noted previously. Now, let just add more:
1. As for foreign participation in the Malaysian market, several people in the local investment community said it was still at a level lower than it had been prior to the economic crisis. Foreign participation could be "quite limited" as local funds may also be trading through foreign brokers  
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What? The "foreign fund" actually came from our own local fund ? And why is that? So brokerage expense money can flow out ? Nah.

2. "Foreign funds that had come into the Malaysian market over the past week were selling out last Thursday and Friday (2nd week of November), but the FBM KLCI did not fall much as the exiting funds were selling their holdings to other funds which were entering the Malaysian market"     

First, some of the foreign funds are actually local fund and then these "foreign local fund" could be selling holdings to other "foreign local fund".

Prior to that it the statement was "According to industry observers, foreign trading participation has been rising for the past three months (Aug – Oct 2009). Bursa Malaysia statistics on trading participation showed that in October 2009, foreign institutional and foreign retail trading made up 24.86% and 0.57% of the total RM26.2 billion in value traded.

Now, how much percentage of that 24.86% actually came from our "foreign local fund"?
That's why I hate poker game.

Below is KLCI daily chart:  No commentary, the range bound  and expectation maintain as noted in previous  KLSE CI outlook