Bursa Malaysia Newsletter: BursaBytes

Do you know that Bursa Malaysia already come with it's own newsletter?. They named it "BursaBytes". It's a quarterly newsletter and will provides updates on the happenings and key issues pertaining to Bursa Malaysia.

You can download the lastest issue  at  Bursa Malaysia website.

klse-newsletterAs an example: In the first issue and don't expect much  contains yet.  In the future, considering there is three months gaps between issues, I am sure Bursa has lot to say. In this first issue, it remind you on the KLCI's adoption of FTSE global index standard.  The Market Securities Snapshot section gives some useful financial data of foreign equity holdings and market volume.

Probably the word bytes comes from the 'bit and bytes'. That is IT terminology.  'Bursa Bytes'? Isn't hearing that name made you want to bite and munch something. I feel like  I want to go down to the nearest grocery store and grab a pack of  'Cadbury  Bytes'